Example Pace Chart Form

Below is a sample of a form for a pacechart of a 5 kilometer race, each row listing the target at each 400 meter split. There is a different target finish time in each row. The finish times range from 15:00 to 20:30.5, and the finish times in successive rows differ by 1:00. ( In this example, the extra 30.5 will be ignored.) Wherever times are called for you may use hh:mm:sec.s notation, or any reasonable variation thereof (e.g., 1:03.2, 63.2, and 00:01:03.2 are equally acceptable.) If you check more than one box, the leftmost one will get used. The program will attempt to screen for unreasonable requests. (Be aware that the data are coming to YOUR browser.)

Distance of Race (Enter a number):

Distance Unit: Km Mile

Fastest Time (First Row):

Slowest Time (Last Row):

Time Between Rows:

Split Length: Mile Km 200m 220y 400m 440y

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