Script to Generate Long Division Examples

ANNOUNCEMENT: After about 20 years of operation the SU IT people told me I had to shut down all my cgi-scripts, including this one. "Security risk", they say. Thank you, hackers, for all the enhancements you've brought to our lives.

When I was in 4th grade the teacher made us work endless examples of the long-division algorithm. With the advent of calculators I fear the use of this algorithm is fast becoming a lost art. So that future generations may understand how we suffered, this form will run a cgi-script that solves, in complete detail, any desired long-division problem.

Fill in the form below and select "Deliver Submission" when you are satisfied. Both divisor and dividend must be positive integers, but they can be enormously long -- up to at least 4096 characters apiece. Bear in mind that very long examples may word wrap and not look pretty. This is your browser's problem, not mine.

Enter the dividend. (The dividend is that which is divided into, i.e., the "numerator".) Dividend =

Enter the divisor. (The divisor is that which is divided by, i.e, the "denominator". It cannot be zero.) Divisor =


To reset the form: