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From: Terry R. McConnell (
Subject: Re: Treadmills and Marathons.
Newsgroups: rec.running
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Date: 1999/09/10

>In article <>, 
>davendano@aol.comnojunk (Carra) wrote:
>>Is it possible to train for a marathon almost solely on a 
>>treadmill?  I really
>>prefer to run indoors, at least while it is so hot.

I know a guy who once put in 31 miles on a dreadmill. Within a month he
was in traction with a pelvic stress fracture. Could there be a
[organ chord] connection?

Actually, it would be quite interesting to see someone put together a marathon
run entirely on treadmills. Imagine a large room with hundreds of the things
lined up, or perhaps arranged in a circle. With the starter's cry of 
"Gentlemen, start your rollers" they're off -- sort of. No sound but the
rythmic ka-thum, ka-thum, accompanied by labored breathing. (Or maybe crowd
noise or inspirational speaches could be piped in.) No need for traffic 
control, lead vehicles, or the trailing meat wagon. Waiters could come around 
occasionally with your choice of water, replacement beverage, or gu. Complete
velocity profiles and heart rate data uploaded instantly to the internet for
your anxious family to monitor from the comfort of their homes. Bandits
easily identified and headed off as they attempt pitifully to wrangle their 
cheap machines in through the doorways.... 

But I digress. 

To come back to the original question: No, I don't think it would be a very
good idea. I think you'd be prone to repetitive motion injury, and I think
treadmill running stresses muscle groups somewhat differently than road running
Terry R. McConnell   Mathematics/304B Carnegie/Syracuse, N.Y. 13244-1150                   

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