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From: Terry R. McConnell (
Subject: Re: Fantasising while running
Newsgroups: rec.running
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Date: 1999/09/12

In article <>,
Iain Morris <> wrote:
>In article <>, "Dirt First!"
><> wrote:
>> Actually, I botanize on my runs.  I see something like a grass or neat
>> lichen, and then mentally describe it to an imaginary running partner
>> "Agrostis has a single nerve along the glumes, which subtend a single
>> floret...".
>I do a similar thing here in Portland's Forest Park and Hoyt Arboreteum. 
>I try to id the tree or bush (scientific and common names) as soon as
>possible, then check the sign on the tree to correct myself.  You can set
>up conifer/spruce/pine runs, along with a variety of deciduous ones too. 
>In the main forest park, however, it gets a little repetitive (doug-fir,
>doug-fir, hemlock, doug-fir).

Early in today's run the sight of a passing butterfly turned my thoughts
to Biology and I completed mapping the human genome over the next mile or so.
The sight of the sun setting over the lake prompted, after half a mile's
rumination, a solution to the missing neutrinos problem. Perhaps it was the
accumulation of lactic acid, or the natural tendency to wax philosophical
in the latter stages of a run, but somewhere around mile 7 the solution to
the mind-body problem became painfully obvious. (A passer-by might have
wondered at the jogger suddenly slapping his forehead in mock disgust.) The
last mile saw the completion of the symphony I had begun the day before, and
some final editorial corrections to my latest volume of poetry. As the house
came into view I had just sufficient time to complete the details of my 
elementary (and elegant) proof of the four color theorem. 

Ahhh, the shower always feels good after a satisfying day's work. One of 
these days I should write some of this stuff down. 

Terry R. McConnell   Mathematics/304B Carnegie/Syracuse, N.Y. 13244-1150                   

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