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From: Terry R. McConnell (
Subject: Re: On your next long run ...
Newsgroups: rec.running
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Date: 2000/07/04

In article <>,
Patrick  <> wrote:
>I copied this puzzle off another newsgroup post and thought with it some
>of your long runs might be made to feel shorter.
>Hoping to avoid those mischievous twits who throw firecrackers at me
>during my 4th of July evening run.
>> Here is a problem by J.A.H. Hunter.
> "We won the relay race this year," declared Tommy. "But not by much."
> Uncle Fred nodded. "That was really something. What was the distance?"
> "Well, we had four of us in the team," replied the boy. "I ran a fifth
>of the distance, plus a fifth of a mile. Jim ran a quarter of the
>distance, plus a quarter of a mile. Ted ran a third of the distance,
>plus a third of a mile. Paul ran half the distance, plus half a mile."
> What was the distance?
> Give the solution if there is one and the means get the solution or
>show there is no solution. <
If distance is interpreted as "remaining distance" then the total distance
was 4 miles with each runner covering 1 mile.

Terry R. McConnell   Mathematics/304B Carnegie/Syracuse, N.Y. 13244-1150    Question Authority?

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