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From: Terry R. McConnell (
Subject: Spring thoughts on the 'mill
Newsgroups: rec.running
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Date: 2000/03/06

The Spring weather this morning was so nice that I got a long extension
cord and moved the treadmill outside.

Ever on the lookout for ways to supplement my meager academic salary, I
thought about ways to profit from this latest brilliant idea as I thrummed
along in the vernal sunshine. What if, I mused, it were possible to
break the electric umbilical tethering the 'mill to this fixed spot, perhaps
using the latest in battery technology? Would not the treadmill then be
free to trundle along the roadway, thereby offering the user alternatives
to the normal view of a blank wall or Maurey Povich reruns?

As the pace picked up and the endorphins began to work their magic, these
vague ideas  crystallized around the concept of a new type of vehicle
for runners. Gripping the steering wheel for balance above the moving belt,
its user would patter his way to work, somewhat in the manner of Fred
Flintstone, thereby offsetting the necessary evil of commuting with the
benefits of aerobic exercise. Ah, if only others could see the brilliance of
Terry R. McConnell   Mathematics/304B Carnegie/Syracuse, N.Y. 13244-1150                   

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